S-S-S: short-simple-sincere

Misleading TC:

  1. false implications
  2. exaggerations
  3. legalistic constructions
  4. euphemisms(委婉)

ethics in TC:

  • 4 standards: rights, justice, utility and care


  • background
  • problem
  • proposal


clear and sturctured

no thank for time in intro

no pause after each main point

chair and host dont ask

leave a clear summary


not organized depend on title(头衔)


tone: approvable formality

不能指代不明,譬如只写 one of

  • BC: blind copy
  • CC: courtesy copy


  • 重要信息点是否全面(time,date,location, etc.)
  • Purpose (e.g., I’m writing to inform…)4
  • Opening (address, Greetings)2
  • Closure (e.g., Yours, Sincerely, etc.)2
  • Politeness (e.g., Please feel free /don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,I’d appreciated it if you reply soon/should eliminate impolite words...)
  • Language (correctness, appropriateness)


  • 开头靠左 Dear xxx:
  • 没有首行缩进,段间空行即可
  • 目的 I'm writing to
  • Firstly, secondly, ...
  • 末尾 Don't hesitate... Thank you.
  • 结尾靠左 Sincerely 换行 xxx


4 elements:

  1. title
  2. intro
  3. step-by-step instructions
  4. conclusion


  • defines unfamiliar terminology(术语)

typically limited in its subject

closely connected with process description

noun string should be avoided in the title


  • 步骤以时间顺序排列
  • Number the steps (以数字标注每一步骤)
  • imperative mood(使用祈使句)
  • 每一步骤包含一个信息点
  • Language (correctness, appropriateness)

user manual

大写用于 warning 或 danger(即 signal words),但要用就全部大写


also called functional resume

  1. generous margins
  2. clear style
  3. balance
  4. clear organization

individual fields of competence

all / every 慎用


  • Identification lines
  • Career objective: precise and specific
  • Summary of qualifications: list, parallel phrases
  • Employment (job title, name of the company, location, time period, job duties, etc.)
  • Education: reverse chronological presentation
  • Professional skills: quantify


diagonal communication: 不同部门上级对下级

moderately formal tones

delivered at company's in-house mail procedure

"purpose is to do sth."


action items / steps: placed in recommendation


  1. Subject line should be specific
  2. Discussion:有条理;easy on your eyes
  3. Recommendation:polite
  4. Language:appropriate and grammatically correc


  • excerpt:摘录
  • intonation:语调
  • confrontation:对抗
  • rehearse:排练
  • catalyst:催化剂
  • forge:伪造
  • credibility:可信度
  • proceeding:会议论文集
  • prelude:前奏
  • customary:习惯的
  • diagonal:对角的
  • netiquette:网络礼仪
  • tailor:缝制
  • impromptu:即兴的
  • gerund:动名词
  • internship:实习
  • prominent:凸出的

cover letter